Getting the self motivation

Going out with life gets tougher each week, but going through is the important part Huh?

Lately I've been struggling to find any motivation to do anything. I have a few projects that need to get finished but no drive to hop on. I suggested writing it out would help, so now I have to make it roll from here. What have you guys been dealing with lately going into 2019. Let's build each other up!:)

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  • Lol, I feel you. It's not bad though. Game development is favorite topic and I keep working on my game project here and there but lately I have found a strong desire to learn about software development as a whole. So I am not spending as much time in game development as I should. I will try and get my project launched this year but I am in no hurry. As long as I keep learning and adapting. Just create a weekly goal and find time when you can to accomplish it. Going to see if that works for me. :)

  • Tragedy struck on Christmas day, took my mom to hospital, the next morning at 4 am I had a phone call telling me my mom stopped breathing and I had to make the decision to put her on life support. From there it was everyday watching her struggling to live. It made me tired in spirit and body, not wanting to work on my game developing. BUT my mom is improving very slowly, and my motivation to work on my game, Patient Zero.5 is returning. Hope 2019 will be a good year to finish my game and continue my journey in game developing.

    Hope you find some inspiration for a game, Gametrain!