How I (finally) Started

"Just code it"

I forget who exactly said this during a game jam last year after I made about a certain shoe company slogan. But the message is very clear; stop talking about your ideas and try to actually create them. And just talking about ideas was a great description of myself before last year. I have to give full credit to Ryann who for weeks discussed game design with me at work while she entered and actively worked on game jams. I can only assume finally having heard me talk too much she gifts me Jon's first course under the condition that I entered my own game in the next game jam.

The day finally came and the theme came out "End of time". I love escape rooms and I had wanted to build an escape room game so this theme fit perfectly. And finally I "Just coded it".

Two and a half weeks, many hours and keyboard pounding later I had my first real game since I coded Connect 4 in university : Reboot Time. And beyond what I thought was possible I won that game jam. To say I was shocked was an understatement. And even better when friends and family tried my game they enjoyed it. Yes it was short (except for Jon's time but he had Ryan to help him out) but it was a complete game.

Since that time I have started on a larger, more involved project relating to this initial project. I do plan to write more about the project and about particular challenges I have encountered and solved. Scaling up has been a challenge, learning new concepts has been a challenge.

But when I do get stuck or end thrashing on an idea and not moving forward I try to think back to the success I had. And then do what I was told:

Just code it.