Dev Blog #9

Hello everyone ! I hope you had a nice new year eve and happy holidays. I did not do much work over those weeks but I wanted to share the little I have done. I did worked on the UI systems and Mechanics and I step into some weird performance issues with the UI specific and I had to rebuild the UI again few times.

The past few weeks I mostly Worked on Optimize the game for Mobile. I am not so familiar with 3D and Mobile so I had to do a lot of research and play around with the settings to achieve optimal visual and performance. Some of the optimizations I did are:

-I added implemented Object pooling for all the GameObjects in the game like Projectiles , Explosions etc. To increase the performance on Mobile.

-Made many lighting static and baked the Lightning instead of Real Time.

-Removed Skybox and made color instead.

There are few issues with the Upgrades and Missions Screen lags the game for 5 sec when you first enter but then it working good.

When all the systems and mechanics work as intended I will continue added new enemy types and missions.

That is all for now.