GDHQ's Developer Summit #3

The Developers Summit is an experimental event to get everyone together in Discord and discuss their personal future goals as developers, and the future goals of GDHQ to line up with the communities goals. You can find the details for this event here: ( GDHQ's - Developer Summit! )

This is our THIRD Developers summit.

Make sure to sign up as participating so we may adjust scheduling as needed.

PLEASE GO TO YOUR PROFILE, AND CHECK YOUR TIME ZONE SETTINGS - The time for this event is 5PM CST, but your profile will display a different time if you didnt choose the right time zone for you. Make sure to check that to see if you can make this or not. If not, please let us know ASAP what time works for you.

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  • This is going to be a busy day/ night today. Athletics, hospital visit, Parent's Meeting at school and the Summit. Going to need power naps in between. :)

  • unfortunately due to the weekday time frame I am teaching a class during the summit time so unfortunately wont be able to make it for this one 😭 if plans change however will defos tune in! Have fun all!

  • I am in

  • Ill try to make it. its a bit early on the west coast with work and all. Ill jump in late if i cant make it on time, looking forward to meeting you all.

  • Awesome. Would have been better on a weekend. But will try and make it :)