Score text not upda...

Score text not updating in inspector or UImanager  



when i destroy the enemy the score text does not update in inspector and the uimanager doesn't update. just let me know what script to post.


it could be your Uimanager script, or the script that is assigning the points, that could be enemy or player depending on how you did your challenges

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here are my scripts for player, uimanager and enemy.


Two thinks to try.

First, in the Enemy script, move the UpdateScore to before the Destroy line. The gameobject, and the script, are being destroyed you can run the UpdateScore. 


Second, in the Uimanager script, remove ".ToString()", it shouldn't be necessary for the purpose your are using it.


If those don't work, we'll probably need you to post the whole script using pastebin or the like, so we can make sure there isn't a typo or something else tripping up the code.


i have a github if you want to use that and i tryed removing tostring (); and moved the update score a few times around in my code.

Yeah, add the project to github and post the link. Won't be able to look at for a few hours though.


dont i need a name or somethen to add someone i think i made it private can make it public and few hours works for me https://github.com/domhuff26/Space-shooter-game.git If that works let me know or i can add you.


I had to figure out how to merge and stuff like that but i have all the scripts uploaded and let me know if there is any thing else i can provide.


do you know what time zone this forum is on


it seems to post in my local time. But the GameDevHQ community is international.

Do you have discord, might be easier helping you there.

Yes, i have a discord Dominick H do you need the # also


Hi Dominick, just start your discussion in #programming-and-general-unity channel at https://discordapp.com/channels/371844873915203584

You can Attach a source file to a post here. I think you'll need to suffix the file extension with something innocent eg: code.cs.txt




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