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Hi, I'm currently implementing the Triple Shot behaviour of the Space Shooter course. Problem is that the position of the three lasers changes the more my ship moves to the left or right. I solved it by setting the Camera to Ortographic instead of Perspective. Or is there another solution ? Don't know why Jonathan doesn't have this problem... 


Make sure the parent also has the same z value. It seems most likely that at least one z value (either parent or child) is off in this situation



Okay, that did the trick ! 🙂 The Z value of the children of the Triple_Shot had a different value from their parent. Thanks !


Is the z level of the lasers the same as that of the ship?


No, but even when I make it the same, it still doesn't work...


on the tripel shot you create an empty, step 1. step 2 you set the empty at the front of the ship centered of the ship. step three make the laser a child of the empty and name the empty triple shot.  step 4 position the three lasers in the empty to where you want them to come from the ship when fired.


I already did this, but apparently it had to do something with the z values of the parent and child objects. Anyway, thanks for your response !

Glad you got it sorted




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