Course doesn't show...

Course doesn't show in MyCourses  



I'm going through ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GAME DEVELOPMENT 2019, but it doesn't show up in My Courses.


Should it?

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If you are part of the humble bundle, those are being manually activated and you should see them here: https://unity.gamedevhq.com  



I bought the course from humblebundle and I did every step to get my account but the email NEVER arrive with my subscription confirmation... so I tried to create another account with the FREE Zombie FPS course... the email arrived in 10 secounds... I tryed to activate humblebundles key and when I click on the link its show me I need to wait for an confirmation email... THAT NEVER ARRIVE! I dont know if I must contact humblebundle or the website... so... Ill left this comment here and ask humblebundle for an solution...


I'd put that as a separate question.




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