Filebase, how to us...

Filebase, how to use?  



Forgive me if this is a an easy question to answer, but how exactly do i use the filebase plugin in unity?

I'm fairly new to game-dev in general, so i'm still learning, but do i pick things up pretty quickly. This however has me a bit stumped!

I have searched a little on here and website but i can't seem to find a description for it's actual usage.

Downloaded and installed the asset package in unity, but i have no access to anything. I have a pro account as of today. If i try to select anything its giving me a console message of:

"check external application preferences"


Anyone good enough to shed some light for me please? I would be very grateful!



3 Answers

I figured it out! One very big oversight on my part there. But i'm learning. Check that one off of the list of things not to forget and move on haha.

Ah well lesson learned i'm all logged in now and browsing the wonderful selection of assets available.


How did you get it to work?



so when you install the package into unity. It's not overly obvious, but if you navigate to the "window"tab at the top. Then from the drop down list will be a filebase selection. You can click it and follow from there. You will also need to login using your credentials for gamedevhq site. Then while browsing you can download the assets using the download tabs. They will be dropped inside of the filebase assets folders inside of unity. Hope that helps.


Thanks , found it great help 👍 👍 




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