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In the Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019, the android lessons (lessons 130-132) have some outdated methods that prevent progression  



Hello all,

Right off the bat I love this tutorial, it's extremely well detailed up until lessons 130-132 where the focus is on how to port the game to android. I tried following exactly what to do, and I noticed that this particular lesson seemed like it was created a bit later on compared to the lessons before it on account of how different Jon's project view appears to only have 2 unopened folders as opposed to a multitude of folders that are opened and show the progress of the tutorial up to this point. Anyways, I tried downloading the Unity Standard Assets in order to import the packages when right clicking in project view but the option to specifically import CrossPlatformInput still didn't appear, it only shows Import Package > Custom Package. I imported CrossPlatformInput by accessing my files and placing them into Unity so all appeared fine until the next lesson (lesson 131) where it showed that I had about 16 errors that wouldn't allow me to play my game at all. I got a little tired as I was nearing the end of the space shooter tutorial after a long and dedicated journey to finishing it, so I plan on attempting to overcome this problem tomorrow by deleting the unneeded assets from my project view and strictly keeping CrossPlatformInput (assuming that will work).

If anyone took the time to read this thank you, and thank you Jon for this tutorial, it really is amazing and shows me just how much I am capable of creating. My only suggestion is to update lessons 130-132 as they don't mesh well with the current version of Unity, a few people were asking how to overcome this problem as well on the Udemy forums but I know it's more likely I'll receive help here.

Thank you again.

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