Issue with Post Pro...

Issue with Post Processing in Space Shooter Pro  



Hi, I have something strange going on. When I apply post processing, everything looks good, except on the enemy lasers. One of the two is getting processed like it should, the other is not, although in the scene view it looks like they are both being processed while in the game view they are not. You can see it best in the screenshot I've added. In the image above minimal post processing is applied, so you have to look very good to see there's a difference between the left en the right laser. So I increased the intensity of the bloom to see better what the problem is. As you can see, the right laser has bloom, while the left one doesn't.

Has anybody an idea what might be the problem/cause this ?

Thanks !

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Problem is solved ! 🙂 When I do a build of the game, everything is okay, also the lasers. No idea why it didn't work in the scene view, maybe a bug in Unity, but I'm glad things work like they should now...




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