problem with pro co...

problem with pro course  



Got the Ultimate Guide to Game Development 2019 course from humble bundle.  Learning a lot as I'm kind of new to unity.  My problem is that during the course building the 3D version of the market there's a video on creating Navigation Meshes (which I'm somewhat familiar with). I am able to bake the navigation mesh onto the floor (and it turns blue).  I then add the Nav Mesh Agent to the player as shown.  When running the game, I can still walk off the navigation mesh but the green cylinder shaped cage that represents the mesh agent remains within the navigation mesh but the player object continues to fall forever.  Followed instructions to the letter and not working like in the training video.  A little help please?



2 Answers

Project Settings > Physics > Auto Sync Transforms √

When these videos were made, the version of Unity being used had this checked by default.

This is no longer the case.


thanks buddy, this worked like a charm after several days of crawling the interwebs for answers...
problem though... it jitters once it comes to a stop, anyway I can remedy that.
thanks again...

I believe the jitters maybe problem elsewhere.
It would be easier to diagnose the problem by seeing it in action.


What would you like to see, the code or a screen recording...
Otherwise I've done everything to the "t" just like in the lesson...
Thanks again....


Made a few games in unity but this is my first venture into a 3D first person type game.  I'm a student of the physics based so far and who knew the world could change so much going to navigation meshes.  I appreciate the help. It took care of the issue, of course.




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