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Projectile Trajectory motion on 3D without using of Physics and Transform.Translate, help with formula needed  



Hello everyone, I'm sorry first of all for my bad english gramma, not my mother tongue. I'm facing a problem refer to the lauch of a gameobject from an arbitrary height toward a target positioned at know distance but with some difference on height too possible, that's with a fixed angle of 55 degree for example. If the problem is on 2D I did some calculation and apply the usual formula from wiki for get the Y and X (or Z in my case) over time with:

Y=Y0+V0y*t+0.5*g*t^2 and X=X0+V0x*t+0.5*a*t^2 and it's working pretty well once I get the starting velocity on Y and X to add every frame

Now what about I have to shoot from let's say a position of (1,2,1) toward a position of (2,8,5) ? If on translation it's easy because you turn and increment as if in 2d space but in 3d how to get the initial velocity on x y and z ? I want to avoid the physics because only for this particular need I have to make the shoot of my gameobject faster then would be using the standard G.

Hope I've been clear enough, best regards

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Hello plaguebreath,

You can try targeting the object directly and calculating the 2D path like this

Vector3 directionToTarget = (GameObject.Find("Target").transform.position - transform.position).normalized * speed;


that will not consider a parabolic trajectory 🙂




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