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Question with Udemy's C# Survival Guide  



Hello everyone, I am new here to GameDevHQ. 

I recently started the Udemy's courses for game development and I have a few questions (I already checked the Q&A there and found my questions, but no answers posted yet).

With the C# Survival Guide there are tips that include some cool assets (like a walking robot, a crate, etc.) but I can't seem to understand how I can download them and put them in my project. Can somebody help me with this?

Another question is how can I call a method from another script to let it know that a laser should behave like an enemy laser and not like the player's laser? This is for the Ultimate Guide to Game Development, extras part of Space Shooter. I don't have a double laser like in the course so I am not using arrays there...

Well, anyways. If someone could lead me a little bit with using the forum as well I would appreciate it a lot.


Thanks a lot!

1 Answer


The assets are available (to members) from the filebase.


Think about the Triple Laser. Could you build a double in a similar manner ??






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