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Spawn manager script remove itself at run time in hierarchy  



I summit a a request to unity about a bug and wondering if anyone else is having this problem, I try to delete the meta file and reinstalling, I re-imported my script and work for a second, then went back to removing script.

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Try this: 

This sounds like it could be a cache related issue. Close unity and go to your start menu: Type in %APPDATA% 

Delete the Unity folder from Local, LocalLow, and Roaming. 

Then re launch Unity. 

Please report back on the status of this issue. 


Jonathan Weinberger


I delete the Unity folder in Roaming and re-oped Unity but still having the problem any ideas and thanks for helping.


Hello domhuff26,

I've never experienced this as a Unity bug, but once I did accidentally attach a scrip to a GameObject that was intentionally being destroyed. That's probably not the case for you, based on the behavior you're experiencing, but still might be worth double-checking.

Please keep us up-to-date with this issue as you discover more from the bug report.

I hope this helps.


Unity3d had this to say "The reason Spawn_Manager would get removed in Play Mode is that newly created Power Up would have Spawn_Manager as it's parent, which meant that Destroy(transform.parent.gameObject) in Powerup.cs (Line:26) would get triggered and Spawn_Manager would be destroyed. Removing or commenting Destroy(transform.parent.gameObject) will fix this issue " thanks again for the help everyone and hope this hope others.


I haven't seen that personally. 
Be sure to let us know what response you get from your Unity submit.





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