Taking the course o...

Taking the course on udemy and Visual Studio started throwing System.blah not found errors  



VS was working fine as an editor until it randomly decided to throw "Predefined type 'System.Object' is not defined or imported."( same with these libraries System.void or System.single).
Can't find anything helpful online regarding this. Had anyone had this issue?
Also, out of curiosity, is there an IDE out there that works well with Unity but is a little more user friendly that VS. (for example, I like Eclipse, Netbeans, and Pycharm).


Which Unity Build and which Visual Studio are you using ?
Are you working in Unity or Stand-alone ?
If alone, are you using .NET or CORE ? and which versions ?



added: If you like PyCharm and IntelliJ you'll probably like Rider from Jetbrains .. but you'll pay for it.

2 Answers

Personally, I think Visual Studio is very user friendly and one of the best IDEs out there.  if you're not getting along with it though, and you have genuinely tried to learn it, then there are other options.  The main two, again in my opinion, are Rider from JetBrains and VS Code, from Microsoft.

VS Code is very lightweight which has it pros and cons.  It's 100% free though, so you could download it, give it a try and if you don't like it then no harm done.

Rider is a full professional .NET IDE.  You might like Rider as you said you use PyCharm and it's written by the same folks.

NB:  All tools have some learning curve, you need to invest some time in learning the tools before you can make the most of them.


With regards to you exception, I suspect that your csproj file has become corrupted and is missing some references.  It could also be that you done something strange lik echanges to project to be a .NET Core one or something along those lines.

A starting point to debug would be to create a new, empty Unity project and have a look at the csproj and compare the two.




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