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'Sprite' AnimationEvent has no function name specified!  



I'm trying to follow the Udemy 2D Course using Unity 2019 (which I guess the new version is probably the problem.) I'm at the point where the Sword_Arc object animation is added under the Player object and have added the new lines to the Player.cs and the PlayerAnimation.cs. However when I run the game and click the mouse the attack animation plays but not the sword fire effect. I see the error in the console: 'Sprite' AnimationEvent has no function name specified!

What am I missing for this new version of Unity?

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An animationevent warning means you've got an event set to play at a specific time during an animation, but you've not out in the method/function for it to call.

'Sprite' is the name of the animation that is supposed to have the event. So just go into the Sprite animation, and in the inspector, scroll down to events, and enter the correct method name to call.


Can I post a picture here? I'm using Unity 2019.3.0a4 Personal. I clicked on Sprite in the Hierarchy but I cannot even find the word "Event" in the Inspector anywhere. All of the animations for "Sprite" are working correctly it is the nested animation - the fire on the sword - that is in the "Sword_Arc" object under "Sprite" that is failing.

I found it interesting that it failed in the video lesson at first as well. There was no explanation other than exit restart program as the fix.

I'm wondering if the new nesting of prefabs functionality is causing the issue? I'm not sure why we are separating the fire from the sword. I'll have to continue the class without it.

  1. First, you're using an alpha version of the engine. The a stands for alpha. You should never use an incomplete build when learning. 
  2. https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/AnimationEventsOnImportedClips.html  



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