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Tired of Spoon-fed tutorials?

"I know what it feels like to go through spoon-fed tutorials and have unity & c# feel impossible to learn." - Jonathan Weinberger

How many times have you watched a YouTube tutorial where the instructor begins by just writing code and not explaining how they knew what to write?

 They may explain what’s going on, but they didn’t explain how they knew the logic and mindset to approach the lesson topic. For example, how many videos start off with “We need a variable for this…”

“Why!? Why do you need that variable? How did you know you were going to need that variable?”

More importantly, the video starts out with creating code before anything was explained, leaving you to reverse engineer what’s going on.

Sound familiar? Welcome to the world of learning game development and software engineering on your own. Continuing the path of researching online and looking for tutorials is only going to continue leading you to more spoon-fed content and you’ll continue to feel frustrated.

The reason why this is so frustrating is because the instructors never explain the logic and problem solving to actually approach the topics they are teaching. They just go straight for the code and assume you’re going to grasp the knowledge.  

What happens if you delete the script? I bet you couldn’t re-write it without watching the video again. This is because those who think they can teach technical topics are really just amazing at spoon feeding you. Forcing you to rely on them for new content, and leaving you to feel hopeless in the process of becoming a better developer.

And yeah… In 2 years, maybe some of it will begin to click…

Introducing the Epic tower defense course

This online course was designed to help you discover that "Eureka!" moment where things begin to just click!

Welcome to the GameDevHQ Epic Course – Tower Defense.  In this 6-week intensive training program, you will learn how to build an entire game by yourself.  To provide as much individualized feedback as possible, this course is limited to 20 students.  Those interested in enrollment must apply for a spot and pass a screening interview.  There is no experience required for acceptance, however, if you are new to C# and Unity, we recommend starting by earning your Game Developer Certification through our Pro Membership.  The foundational skills you learn with our Game Developer Certification will help you make the most of this Epic Course.  

This Epic Course requires a minimum of 6-20 hours of work each week, depending on your skill level.  This is not a spoon-fed experience.  This Epic Course teaches you how to think like a programmer, allowing students to independently build their games.  By the end of this course,  students will be able to apply concepts learned to confidently build games and applications in C# and Unity.  This course will prepare students for an entry-level game developer job.  Students who successfully complete this 6-week intensive will receive GameDevHQ’s certification as Professional Game Developers.


Why Should I Enroll?

Competing courses offer you the opportunity to watch someone else build a game.  We do not agree with this mode of education.  Your time and money are far too important.  We offer a completely different approach that teaches problem-solving and critical thinking skills, along with important coding concepts that help you transition from copy-and-paste coder to actual programmer.  Additional highlights of this course include:

  • No spoon feeding: You learn concepts and apply them to develop your game
  • Weekly live sessions with Jonathan Weinberger
  • Office hours every Friday
  • Personalized help and assistance throughout the 6-week program
  • Code reviews
  • Game assets, provided through Filebase, included

What are the specifics?

What do the next 6 weeks with us look like? Each week, you’ll watch video lectures and complete assignments that teach problem solving and coding logic, which are applied to features in your game.  For example, how to fire rockets or how to turn any Filebase tower asset into a functioning tower.  You’ll learn best practices and methodologies to game development. 

None of these video lectures will ever have us building the game while you follow along.  Remember, this course is a non-spoon fed environment.  Videos will consist of logical problem solving techniques and feature requirements for you to implement into your project. At the end of the week, you’ll sign-in to a live training session with Jonathan Weinberger and review the status of your project. Each week will feature new topics with unique challenges that will continue to test and improve your skills as a Unity developer. 

If you get stuck, you will have priority support and access directly to Jonathan Weinberger, where he will help you get back on track. Upon successful completion of the 6-week intensive, you will be mailed your Game Developer Professional Certification.


Meet your Mentor, Jonathan Weinberger

Jonathan is a self-taught software engineer and game developer with over ten years of experience. At 19, he authored “Learn Unity Programming with C#.” He is an industry professional, who has developed Unity games for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and several indie game companies. He is Experienced in enterprise and augmented reality application development, and have created applications for Coca-Cola, AT&T, GE, and ThyssenKrupp to name a few. Jonathan has also delivered enterprise training to Apple, NBC Universal, East Side Games, The Home Depot, Hershey, and many other large enterprises. Jonathan is the only authorized unity instructor in the world who partners directly with Unity to provide endorsed training. His students have gone on to work for companies such as EA, American Gaming Systems, Cartoon Network, Facebook, Oculus, Deloitte, Boeing, Unity and many more. His passion is training self-taught developers game development as a gateway to software engineering. His passion for game development and teaching started GameDevHQ, a revolutionary platform to help people become great game developers and explore the beautiful world of coding.

What does the epic course cost?

Just kidding!  While one million dollars would be nice, we did not design the course to be an easy way for us to make money.  We want to provide each Epic student the time and attention they need to be successful, which is why we limit each course to 20 students.  We also want to make sure the students who take this course are serious about game development – whether you’re a hobbyist or interested in a career with Unity.  You need to be able to honor the time commitment required to succeed in this course.  That’s why we require an application and screening process.  If we don’t feel like it’s the right time for you to enroll, we’ll ask you to apply again in the future.  We are not here to take your money, and set you up to fail.  With all that being said, the price for the course is…..

  • $4997 for free and Pro Monthly members
  • $2997 for Pro Annual members  
  • $97 application fee (applied to the course fee or refunded if not accepted)

If you’ve done any research on “Coding Bootcamps,” you’ve probably seen that they typically cost THOUSANDS of dollars… Sometimes more than $10,000 for a 6-12 week program!  Our goal is to provide the best intensive that money can buy, for an affordable price.  You shouldn’t have to break the bank to become a great game developer.   

are there any prerequisites?

  • Ability to commit 6-20 hours of work weekly from November 1, 2019 – December 21, 2019 (there will be 1 week off for Thanksgiving)
  • No coding experience required (although preferred)
  • GDHQ’s Game Developer Certification strongly preferred
  • Passion for creating awesome games using C# and Unity
  • English language proficiency 

are you ready to become a game developer?

If you’re serious about game development and ready to take your skills to the next level, apply today!  We are here to invest in you and want to make sure that you can fully engage yourself in this 6-week course.  If you are not accepted, please don’t take it personally.  We have many applicants for limited spots, and just cannot accept every applicant.  This Epic Course will be offered again in the future, and we invite you to re-apply!  

Click the button below to enter our Epic Course Applicant Pool.  There is a $97 registration fee that is 100% refundable if you are not accepted into this course cycle.  If accepted, the application fee goes towards the course fee.  Once registered, we will reach out to you, personally, and schedule a time for an interview! 

Enrollment is now open through October 28th, 2019. The Epic Course starts November 1st, 2019. Once your application has processed, we will reach out within 24 hours to schedule your 1-on-1 screening. You can process your application below. 

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