Loot Crate - January 2019

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The January 2019 Loot Crate

Hello GDHQ Plus Members!

It's time for this month's GDHQ Loot Crate - a special bonus to all GDHQ Plus members. These assets will be available to you for until the next loot crate is issued, which is usually within 1 month. These assets can be used as many times as you would like in any game that you want. You may download these assets while the link exists but be sure not to forget - once the next loot crate is released, the link to these assets will be gone... forever!

The January 2019 will feature the firing range and gatling gun!

The loot crate has so many goodies. It comes with the following:

  • 1 Gatling Gun
    • Firing Animation
    • Muzzle Flash
    • Firing Sounds
  • Pile of Sacks
  • Stone Brick Texture
  • Bullet Spark VFX

The only restriction we ask is to follow terms and agreements to not redistribute or sell these assets. They have been given because you are an amazing GDHQ Plus member and are for your personal and professional use, not for redistribution and sale of the assets.

Not only do we give you the assets, but follow the tutorial series "Unity Raycasts and Crosshairs" to learn how to write the script to make this tutorial completely functional. Below is where to start.

Enjoy these items and thank you for being a GDHQ Plus member.

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