The Last of Us

License Agreement

A starter level design

Here is the entire The Last of Us Speed Level file for your game. Download, add your own stuff, publish and make a ton of money!

It was made using the Unity heavyweight rendering pipeline.

  • Create a new project
  • Download the heavyweight pipeline from the package manager
  • Create a heavyweight profile and add that to your settings
  • Download post processing from the package manager (latest should be at least 2.11)
  • Set your color profile to Linear from Gamma
  • Import Polybrush from Unity technologies
  • Import the project files

You shouldn't run into any problems then. If you don't, the file will be pink or black. We have heard of some issues where the file will load in and it will be black. The problem has been the post processing stack. You need to download the latest version of post processing stack - you're probably on 2.05.

Here is the video series referenced:

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