How to you keep motivated?

  • Hey Adam!

    For me it's more about building the discipline to continue working even when the motivation isn't there. Motivation can be pretty fickle, but discipline is something that can be relied on. I've been doing this by doing the 100 days of challenge. I started with 100 Days of Code, and now I'm doing 100 Days of GameDev since there's a lot more that has to be done on a game project than just the code. I've heard of people doing it in a lot of different ways, such as making a list of three small tasks they'll complete in a day. But I like using just that I'll do work on my project for at least an hour every day. If after that hour I'm still not feeling it, I get to a good stopping point. Other days, I hit that hour mark and just keep plugging along. I also keep a log of what I've done, partially to remember exactly where I'm at in the project, and partially to help with my tweets. Tweeting about the work I do is another big part of the challenge/me getting more disciplined, because it keeps me publicly accountable to the challenge.

  • Hi Adam.

    I do not know if it can help, but I always try to reserve a minimum amount of time for my projects and development.

    It helps me to give me a kind of reward and set an attainable goal. like: "if I do this then I can get that" (this help me keep motivated)

    Try to keep and secure achievable goals and divide larger projects into steps. It is simpler and helps to be motivated.

    Personally If i see my project grow and "take shape" it is easier to stay focused.

    Good luck!!

  • Deliberate practice. Dedicate X amount a time a day towards whatever you are doing. In your case, the course work. It will be tough, but once it becomes second nature, anything is possible.

    As an artist I am constantly never satisfied with my work, but when I look at others that inspires me, it drives me to be better.

    If being alone is a real problem for you, try to get some friends involved. If nobody is interested IRL, find friends on Discord! Our community is filled with tons of great people!

  • My motivation is that I can release my work. Feature Runner was really early-early-access when I published it to the play store and found some beta-testers. To keep them I'd to provide updates for it.

    The game I'm now working on requires some more time at the beginning in order to reach early-access. But I know, that I can release it! And this is what motivates me the most.

    Before I started with game developing I just continued similar projects at home like I did at work or investigated new technologies. E.g. I wrote some ToDo-App which was using React as frontend, Spring boot for the backend and a little powershell-script which took care about the build. But: who will use it? Probabbly no one. Because I didn't want to release it and I didn't want to host a dead useless project. Motivation = 0.

    But with game developing you can reach people and you can challange yourself. I loved it to check every day the statistics send from my game. And my overall challange is: Gaining money with my games in order to buy assets from it or renting a small server to host an homepage. And I'm really excited if I can make it.

    Well. Feature Runner at least provided me some small earnings ^^:

    And again: it made me happy to see that Feature Runner is being played :-). I've created a game and people out there are really playing it. Now I want to provide more ;-).

  • I echo what the others have said. Not just for GameDev but for other projects I have taken on it is just mentally deciding I will devote X hours each day to this project. But don't forget time off too, but preplan it. I will devote 3 hours each day but Wednesday I have to go out and Friday I will take off, don't decide it on the go.

    Other small factor I would do to add motivation is add a reward. I will work 3 hours and then I will play this game I just got, or watch this movie/tv show, etc. And who knows sometimes you get on a roll and you will forget about the reward anyways.

  • ....

    Other small factor I would do to add motivation is add a reward. I will work 3 hours and then I will play this game I just got, or watch this movie/tv show, etc. And who knows sometimes you get on a roll and you will forget about the reward anyways.

    Exactly!!! this work a lot for me. Add a lot of motivation. Really!!! because make me feel better. :)

  • That is actually a very common problem I think. i do sometimes find difficult to focus and work on my projects.

    One good way is too split the work in small chacks Everytime and set small goals for the project.

    keeping them simple and work on them one by one. That way feeling that you achieve something and makes you keep going.

    When you do something and you can't see any immediate progress it can make you unmotivated to continue work with it.

    That is what I noticed most of the times. no wonder gamejams are so fun. ^^

  • Like Urso says small chunks or slices of work are the way to go.

    The more victories you can create for yourself the better. Everyone loves the feeling of accomplishing a goal so staggering small goals in order to complete the whole project.

    It is like putting a puzzle together.

  • Ps. Sorry for the direct way of writting it Xd. its what i do "or atleast try to do" hope it is taken as suggestions and not "Must do this". And Good luck learning ! :D

    Hi In my Case, All I realy Do is Learn new Things ("New Software, 3D modeling Tips/trick/design styles, 2d Design, programming(python, micropython, c#, Java etc, Music. And also Hard Physical Exercise. etc).

    Learning on its own with just one skill being Practiced is for some a fear triggering Activity. And can become Exhausting. what i try to do is either Switch Between the Genre of learning. so it goes either from Programming --> Music --> 2d design --> programming--> 3D design etc.

    Its like when one moves a Couch to a new location in a room or the desk "or both" Effectivly Changing the View of the room and at times Might Refresh The Experience of the room.

    one of the most important things i think for me atleast is to Change either the place im sitting and practicing or Just doing something completly random or new that dosent relate to practicing. and one other realy important thing i do is Walk away if im getting stuck. not too give up , but too let the mind sort out the new Things learned.

    in summary.

    tip : 0 If the setup where one practises is a nice Envoirment if one feels like the got something out of it (Possitive experiences make it easier to return, Negative ones can make it hard. which the next tips are for =) ).

    tip : 1 Take breaks as many as Neccesary. Many Skills sets take years of practice

    tip : 2 Time is your best freind and impatience is your enemy

    tip : 3 You learn when taking breaks and are not working on the Specific Skill

    tip : 4 Refresh your Look on the world around you (moving a couch, taking a walk in a new location. only the imagination setting the limits here)

    tip : 5 does it feel Reppetive ?. are you stuck ?. having a hard time Wrapping your head Around something ?.

    Try different Input methods (change to paper etc.). Writing , drawing . or another method of helping you mind sort out the information

    whats best is what fits youre way of learning (some ppl are better with pictures, some words, some Sounds, etc)

    "This is one is realy hard for me to get started on XD"

    tip : 6 Are you only working on Big Projects and no Smaller ones Giving a feeling of Completion ?.

    Find small Projects to complete "it could be challenges fitting your skill level"