Attack of The Clones

  • I think after Al creates certain assets or some can be found, we should select easy projects to clone so boost or maintain our knowledge that was taught to us. Example is to have an asset pack here on GameDevHQ for subscribers to practice their learning, relevant to what was just taught Few projects for each skill level and you can grow it from there so there is choice.

    The problem I see is that too many new people can't apply what they learned to cement their knowledge. Once you finish the course project, based on what your plans are, it might be a while before you touch some of those skills you have just learned for a while. So I feel that it would be very helpful to make projects that resemble what was taught so after the students feel comfortable retaining that knowledge and makes it easier to move forward and learn new things. We all see students, especially when it comes to things like game jams that you host, that they feel like they are not ready. They don't even know where to start. So I feel like there should be a library of grouped project assets and a general direction for continued learning. And I'm not saying that they need step by step instructions but more of "clone this game with these assets. Here are a set of rules/things it must have to be considered complete". If you want, a sample would help them with visualizing.

    But those are my thoughts.

    P.S On the site, the button to access each project choice should be a gif of the sample project to draw people in. That way they can also use their

    Image result for imagination gif spongebob

    Hoodlum out! ✌️