Marketing strategies

  • Some questions: :?:

    Working on a project (which I am serious about), I realised, somewhere I am going to need to start marketing this game and I have no cooking clue how. So I want to ask some of you, the GameDevHq community what are your experiences:

    1. How do you market your game out there in the world?

    2. How do you build an audience?

    3. Do you abandon a project just because there is no interest in your game? What about your passion for your game, just it count for nothing?

    4. When do you release your game, when there is a level finished? When the game is finished?

    5. Where do I look to release my game?

    Thank you for your time and advice in advance. :)

  • Me, experience none, lol. But I did read many times that if you are serious you should have already started. Start with a plan of action, simple site page, take screenshots to post on social media, and or game jolt. Dani Marti did it and Unity retweeted it so that's exposure. When you have a good demo with little to no bugs, try hitting up game review sites for them to do a demo test or youtubers that may also review games. Make sure your game is tested well before you submit for review though because from what I hear, if they try it and it is not up to par, they probably won't revisit it.

    Here are also a few videos that may help. Zero budget marketing and Marketing Principles for Indies.

    Hope it helps!

  • My first suggestion would be to get a book on marketing aimed at small business or small online business and read it.

    There is no right way to market something, I think it depends both on how you want to market your game and who your intended audience is. In my day to day job our marketing team broke our customers into 5 or 6 segments, the attributes of when they are customers, very high level attributes such as age range, gender, etc. Each group needs to be potentially dealt with differently. For video games platform choice is huge.

    If you want to release snippets every week be prepared that once you start if you get people following it they will expect it on that schedule. Don't ever go dark, even a message saying you're sick sorry no update this week is fine.

    As to pre-release vs full release I suggest you compare you game to others out there and the costing. I recently got The Forest for $17 on sale ($25-30 full I think). Look at other games out there and see how large they are (and that is a fairly large game) and what you want to charge. Pre-release always comes at a steep discount but you get that built in audience to promote your work.