[HELP] Ultimate Guide To Game Development with Unity Section 5 Lesson 25 Laser Setup - New Prefab Workflow - No Apply Button/Override Functions

  • Hi I am working through the Udemy Ultimate Guide to Game Development class. On the "Laser Setup" Jon demonstrates prefabs. I understand the prefab workflow has changed, but I can't get the same result demonstrated in the video.

    Jon takes the Laser Object out of the "Sprites" folder, and makes changes the the Y axis (to .88) on the transform position of the laser in the hierarchy.

    Then he creates a "Prefabs" folder and drag and drops the laser object into the prefabs folder.

    Then he opens the laser in the prefabs folder, changes the Y axis in the transform back to 0.

    He then drags the laser prefab into the hierarchy and duplicates it once. Leaving the original "laser" plus "laser(1)" and "laser(2)".

    He shows that the original laser has the Y axis set to .88 but the two copied from the prefabs folder remain at 0.

    He then clicks "apply" on the original laser. This sets the Y axis of the laser in the prefabs folder to .88, but leaves the Y axis on the 2 duplicates laser(1) and laser(2) in the hierarchy at 0.

    I CAN'T replicate this action!

    When I select the "overrides" drop down on my original laser object it does not give me the option apply changes to the laser in the "prefabs" folder.

    I suspect this is because I haven't made a change, however when I change the transform position of ANY of the laser game objects it doesn't allow me to apply the override to the "prefab" laser.

    I CAN change the color of my original laser and apply the override to that, BUT it changes the color of ALL THREE lasers in my hierarchy. NOT leaving the duplicated lasers the way they were as Jon demonstrated in the tutorial.

    Hope that's enough detail.

    Can anyone help me figure out what's going on? Is this even a big issue?

    I don't want to keep working and discover this is a big deal later in the course.



  • I'm pretty new about the same spot you are, I think this is a change in the newer Unity Engine. This doesn't work for me either, maybe too many accidental over writes? Any way I don't think it matters to much, if you want to over write the prefab, you can just drag the new one down over the older one in the prefab list to update it.

  • Position and rotations don't change amongst the prefabs in the scene but things like size, color and other components can change all the prefabs in the scene. Just imagine you prefab a tree and place them everywhere to make a forest. Then you hit apply on one of them and they all go to the same spot. You now have 100s of trees in one spot, lol.

    I am not sure what you did, maybe grabbed the laser provided in the course instead of the prefab object you dragged into the folder since it worked for me, but as long as the prefab is the correct size/position to your liking when you bring it into your scene, then that is all that matters with this project. Jon was just demonstrating that you could make a change to the prefab but the objects derived from that prefab in the scene can have some individuality to them.

  • Got you, that makes sense. I probably misunderstood what he was ACTUALLY showing . I definitely grabbed the prefab for the 2 duplicates, but the original was what the prefab was created from so IDK lol.

    I moved on and it didn't seem to be an issue. Thanks for the reply!