004 - How Were Your Grades?

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  • Alright, I am not sure if this qualifies as completed.

    I was going to do the average grade and score to show there as well, I just have no idea how to proceed.

    I will add my script to anyone interested.

  • Having some issues getting the Average Grade and Text to work. At this point it only works if I get four different grades, (A, C, B and F) because then they'll "GetGrade()" in different places of the if statement.

    I've been stuck on how to get the score if I f.example get two "A's" in the grades.

    I'd love some input, hate leaving a challenge unfinished. :p

  • So right now, your code is checking just 1 score it looks like. You have 4 scores.

    A better way to solve this would be to have GetGrades() return an int value and have each score value call that method.

    score1 = GetGrade(int randomScore);

    It would then run your logic, return that random code, but also allow you to fill in the visual logic.