Community-Driven Filebase

  • As far as I can see this community has some people with experience in asset creations. Maybe hobbiest (like me) or maybe also some real professional ones. So I'd like to ask what you guys would think of the filebase but community-driven. And the definition of community driven is quite simple:

    - it comes from us

    - it is for us

    - it is free and usable for everyone

    So what do you think about it?

  • After all those years I'd probably have quite a few unused assets just lying around, I'd say it's not a bad idea at all! The only issue in it I see is that it would compete with the Pro version filebase, in which case people would be a little less inclined to sign up if there was a free one on the same site already available :/

  • But the pro-subscription offers more than only the filebase. In my opinion the size of the filebase right now is too small for being the only reason paying 15$/month. Therefor there are too many pages out there offering great 3d-assets for free. I would say the most people subscribe cause of the courses.

    So I'd advice to see it from a different perspective. A bigger filebase could attract more users to the community and also keep them here. May they register due to the free filebase and later will subscribe to get the courses + that they can give requests for professional models. From this point of view the free asset filebase would support the pro-membership.

    At least from my side this is win-win-situation. I can totally understand that the creators of this community like to also gain money with it (there is nothing bad about it). Me as a part of the community is more interessted in building up this community and attract more members to it. And having a big community should something which both sides want to have ;-).

  • Maybe it would be possible to put those community-provided assets into the existing filebase and just make some of them available for free as community assets. The rest, provided by GDHQ staff, would still be part of the paid subscription. Not sure if this is something they would go for but it would reduce infrastructural effort if we used what is already available here.