Anyone up for a small team up for jam?

  • I signed up for one of the current game jams at ( - the "My First Game Jam" one, because it'll be my first one, and second, I could not deal with Space Bunnies... I'm set as individual, but Just wondering if anyone's interested in jumping in with me (especially a coder, musician or fellow Unity user) and I'll change it to team.

    It's a 2 week jam, so it's not high-pressure, just got inspired and wanted to try and bang out something cool for fun. I have a concept and initial direction. If you're down with teaming up a bit and have a some time to kill, hit me up here or email ([email protected])



  • Hey Apeiron

    If you still want someone, I'm up for a little team up. I haven't ever done a gamejam but it looks like it could be fun. But no Space Bunnies. Nope.

    I'm a remarkably bad artist. Terrible really.

    I'm a coder and know my way around C# and Unity, hardly an expert, but I'm okay.

    Let me know.


  • Hey Simon,

    very cool! I'm the opposite in that I'm primarily an artist and a definitely a cut-and-paste hack-ey coder. I'll hit you up and we can figure out a plan to put something together for the Jam (think we only have a week and a half left though). To me its better to just try then to not follow-through. I'll touch base w you today for sure.