Role Pairs Game, an Android RPG game!

  • Hello there,
    I would like to share with this community my first video game. I released it in January of 2018 but I didn't make any advertise until now, it was a project for learning.
    It is a role-playing game using a card pairs memory battle system.

    The game is made in Unity and I made everything by myself except the music, that was made by a friend of mine (the sound effects were also recorded by me with stuff I've got at home). I already knew something about modelling, texturing and animation when I started the project but I couldn't code properly. I started using the Unity plugin PlayMaker. It helped me a lot but by the time I finished the game I earned some decent C# level.

    It was a great experience that made me learn a lot about this world.

    The game is only available for Android, you can download it for free here:…om.unity.rpairsgame&hl=es

    Or by searching in Google Play Store: 'Role Pairs Game'.

    There is a ranking score at the final stage, which the first place is from another friend, I couldn't beat him yet, he is better than me in my own game! :D
    I challenge you to beat him!