Ultimate Guide to Game Development with unity Course

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    I am new here.

    is there a specific forum for students that joined the "Ultimate Guide to Game Development"? I am looking for help with the Space Shooter project. When I run the game, my player stays behind the Background layer. I am not sure how to place order to the layers so that the Player can be on the Foreground instead of the Background. I appreciate anyone's help.


  • you have to create layers in such a order that you want...means you have to create background layer first and then only you have to create foreground..means sequentially you have to create the layers..these layers are sorting layer and you can easily get how to create those by watching the video...make sure you just create them in a proper sequence..then after setting the sorting layer of player to foreground and galaxy to background you can see the required effect...


  • Section 11 Lives Display:

    Hello, I got this error on lecture 63 8:01 within the lecture when I hit the play on the unity simulator. I only get one live displayed and I don't not get all of the three lives like in the lecture? In the player script I have public int lives = 3; but when I run the game the player lives goes to one? Thanks for the support.

  • If your lives chance on start, somewhere one of two things happen:

    1. In a start function of one of your objects you modify the lives to 1. Often this happens: if(lives = 1) { do something } <-- you have assigned 1 to lives, you didn't check if lives = 1 (lives == 1).

    2. at start there is a bullet already in play, hitting the player.

    I think it will be the first option....

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