Welcome To the Community

  • So, what do you think of the intro? 21

    1. It's neat. (9) 43%
    2. Love it! (6) 29%
    3. Why isn't Ryan dancing in the background? (Love it!) (5) 24%
    4. No thanks. (1) 5%

    Hey everyone,

    Hope you are all enjoying the new website. We're happy to get your feedback as soon as possible so we can continue development.

    In the meantime the community Game Jam has gone live! You can find our Game Jam rules on Gamedevhq.com/game-jam !

    While you're here, we want to know - What do you think of our new Intro? We will be adding this bad boy to all our future content. This was made by our awesome instructor Al Heck. If you're interested in 3D graphics, you can check out Al's course here: https://www.udemy.com/the-ulti…acter-art-using-unity-c4d.

    So, what do you think of the intro?