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    In unity... everything works fantastically, ship stays within designed bounds.. no problems.

    Once I build and run in PC platform... no matter what resolution, +/- windowed mode, etc I choose...

    In Unity "play" Game: ship here is at the boundary (10,-6,0).

    Below: My player is able to move well beyond the boundaries of the screen. It looks like half of the game is off screen. I've even rebuilt my canvas/UI from scratch... I've tried every single screen resolution option out there.... seriously... what did I do wrong lol?

    I've re-watched the videos multiple times on how he set up the UI/Canvas / game field... Everything he did... I did... ... Stuck! :)

    Working through the course on Game Development (Shooter) and have encountered a problem I can't seem to resolve.

    1) Initially, the player/spaceship would bury underneath the SpaceBG_Overlay until I set the Z coordinates to zero. I have all sorting layers set to match the tutorials up to section 5.

    2) Continued problem: I'm on Section 5 (shooting) on the Space Shooter game development. Since step 1 I have noticed that whenever I hit play to test/sample my game, the Game panel just turns white.

    I've spent a couple of hours redoing the project from scratch, googling to no avail. I just tested the basic unity tutorials and the game-panel works without impediment. PC is completely up to date.

    I'm lost guys, any ideas?