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    Try reWriting the Code again. for the laser."specificly the if statement". it did indeed act with Dying instantly.


    if ( tranform.position.y >= 6) ; {

    Destroy (this.gameobject);



    if ( tranform.position.y >= 6) {

    Destroy (this.gameobject);


    Ps. Sorry for the direct way of writting it Xd. its what i do "or atleast try to do" hope it is taken as suggestions and not "Must do this". And Good luck learning ! :D

    Hi In my Case, All I realy Do is Learn new Things ("New Software, 3D modeling Tips/trick/design styles, 2d Design, programming(python, micropython, c#, Java etc, Music. And also Hard Physical Exercise. etc).

    Learning on its own with just one skill being Practiced is for some a fear triggering Activity. And can become Exhausting. what i try to do is either Switch Between the Genre of learning. so it goes either from Programming --> Music --> 2d design --> programming--> 3D design etc.

    Its like when one moves a Couch to a new location in a room or the desk "or both" Effectivly Changing the View of the room and at times Might Refresh The Experience of the room.

    one of the most important things i think for me atleast is to Change either the place im sitting and practicing or Just doing something completly random or new that dosent relate to practicing. and one other realy important thing i do is Walk away if im getting stuck. not too give up , but too let the mind sort out the new Things learned.

    in summary.

    tip : 0 If the setup where one practises is a nice Envoirment if one feels like the got something out of it (Possitive experiences make it easier to return, Negative ones can make it hard. which the next tips are for =) ).

    tip : 1 Take breaks as many as Neccesary. Many Skills sets take years of practice

    tip : 2 Time is your best freind and impatience is your enemy

    tip : 3 You learn when taking breaks and are not working on the Specific Skill

    tip : 4 Refresh your Look on the world around you (moving a couch, taking a walk in a new location. only the imagination setting the limits here)

    tip : 5 does it feel Reppetive ?. are you stuck ?. having a hard time Wrapping your head Around something ?.

    Try different Input methods (change to paper etc.). Writing , drawing . or another method of helping you mind sort out the information

    whats best is what fits youre way of learning (some ppl are better with pictures, some words, some Sounds, etc)

    "This is one is realy hard for me to get started on XD"

    tip : 6 Are you only working on Big Projects and no Smaller ones Giving a feeling of Completion ?.

    Find small Projects to complete "it could be challenges fitting your skill level"

    When I look for Assets In General its Modularity. The more Modular The Better . Since Its Easier To Modify the Models That Way =) . And Also Bigger Packs i would Rather Go for . now bigger Packs is relative. as an Example . an Asset pack with trees . 1# pack with oak trees with textures for 4 seasons from source [1], 2# 1 pack with many different trees for 1 season, from source [2]. 3# 1 pack with 3 season textures for pack 2# , from source [2]. where i would rather go for the latter than the former =) . and awesome Portfolio Jonny !! :D