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    This.. is terrible, when you want "do" something and you look at the clock... and it's time to go bed... (really happens to me every day...) :\

    Worse now with it getting dark so early outside. I get to work before the sun comes up, and when I leave it is already down. Something in my body just takes the darkness as time to go to sleep.


    The feeling of accomplishment when things work.

    Learning new things everyday.

    The feeling of creating something out of nothing.


    Finding people from other disciplines to build out a team (artist and 3D modellers that will work fro free is hard to find)

    There is not enough time in the day to work on my project because of my day job.

    I am perfectionist, I spend too much time on small details.

    Checking out your FPS project update now, looks awesome!

    Project I am working on is an FPS as well, hopefully should get my blog, and updates going in the next week or so.

    Like Urso says small chunks or slices of work are the way to go.

    The more victories you can create for yourself the better. Everyone loves the feeling of accomplishing a goal so staggering small goals in order to complete the whole project.

    It is like putting a puzzle together.

    I am looking forward to Battlefield V.

    Right now not a lot of hype around it as some players were turned off by the reduced time to kill in the Beta but I think they nailed it.

    Weapons felt lethal but you could come back, and win a gun fight. Can 't wait!

    Welcome! Sorry to hear about the layoff thing. Glad you found time to start working on your own thing. :) Good luck to you for whatever you plan and want to do in the future^^

    Thanks Urso! Working on a project right now to show off at Orlando Comic-con 2019. I will be speaking at the Pancake Breakfast panel on the debate of data science in video games. Going over the best selling games of all time, and the data behind their success.

    Got the okay to promote my project, and show a trailer.

    Would love to see some of the work you've been a part of!

    Hey Ryoxis sorry for the late reply been busy working. I did support work for WB games PC/mobile. So Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and then their popular mobile titles, Injustice, WWE: Immortals, and the newer Game of Thrones Conquest.

    Once I left WB I took a more expanded support/development role where I worked on Star Trek Timelines, and more so on The Walking Dead: March to War.

    I was really inspired by Metal Gear Solid for the original Playstation, Rainbow 6 on PC (even though I was terrible at it), and then things really got going for me when I started playing my first multiplayer games.

    I used to go over to friends house after school every Friday to play Golden Eye, then that transitioned to Halo, and then to playing games online.

    As far as what I hope to make some day just games that are fun, and keep the players entertained.

    How much different did it feel from the old open world PS2 version? I felt like it felt the same, but just with additional upgrades haha. Loved it though!

    Agreed. I think they nailed world traversal/web swinging but overall combat felt stuck in the past. Pretty much mash X and mix in a Y and then O to dodge when the game tells you to.

    Nothing new or fresh there. Loved the story, and game overall though!

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Stephen, I have been an avid gamer since I was a child, and have worked in game industry for a couple of years. I recently find myself out of the industry as I was part of a layoff, and am now taking time to build my skills/complete my own game project.

    Most recent game I have played is Spider-Man PS4, and I am waiting patiently for Battlefield V.

    I look forward to meeting, and working with people from this community in the future!

    Network code and projects.

    I have started practicing code, and unity probuilder which is helping me prototype quickly but lost of designs I come up with are networking/multiplayer based.

    I have been going over the Unity high level API and other documentation so far.