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    Hello, I've seen your posts a few times, but I'm not quite 100% sure what you're requesting.

    All of our courses feature building a game, that upon completion you may then turn into a solidified commercial application adn release on the app store. Even more so, the Mobile Development course teaches you to put it on the app store - and if you currently search "Dungeon Escape" there is a lot of people who uploaded their own versions of Dungeon Escape onto the app store directly.

    If what you are requesting is a course on making an FPS that can be uploaded to the app store for people to download and access changes to their own, that is what we do already with each course. As for an FPS course request, we are looking at it I believe.

    Unless they're trying to kill us in real life... then it's only fair to destroy them. Survival of the fittest afterall

    Maybe if you didn't leave them in your yard to the elements, they wouldn't have to shiv ya good with a garden tool. They just needed a Tent. - If this filebase hits I'm for sure making something with it immediately.

    Could we get some other genders to choose from for our profile? I'm nonbinary (I'm neither a woman or a man). I'd rather not have to choose "unspecified."

    Hey Zareth, good question. We removed the "unspecified" and added "Non-Binary" and "Other". Let us know if you have any other issues!

    DollHause is a 2.5d puzzle adventure game.

    You play as an entity that has inhabited a doll. You complete puzzles in realms across the universe hoping o make it back home.

    Would love to see some gameplay or screenshots. :)

    Welcome to the forum! I have always wanted to visit New Zealand and not just because of the Shire, lol. Even though it is on my bucket list of things to do (Lord of the Rings fan). We are seeing a lot of programming backgrounds come in which is good. Love to hear input by others as programming is something that I am learning and currently trying to build on.

    If you have projects you are working on, don't forget to start a blog post so we can see your journey. :)

    Well said.

    Welcome aboard from me as well, Matt!

    We need your help! Which game should we make for our live development stream? These games were paired off together and a unique game came out of them. Before voting, please review the article about this project to ensure a fully reviewed decision is made!

    REVIEW the article here: Development Experiment - Needs your vote!

    IDEA #1-3: Combo: Subway Surfer + Planet Bomber


    (1)Endless Runner with Enemy AI

    In this game the player will run forward on the map consistently collecting ammunition or other powerups. The player will then activate those powerups to destroy the enemy AI that is running away from the user down the path, or sometimes towards.

    (2)Spinning Map + Object Destruction

    In this game the player will be on the outside of a rotating disc shaped map. The player will progress through the map trying to enter the proper locations and use the weapons found along the way to get through enemies. Upon reaching the center they will climb up or down to the next level.

    (3)Endless Runner + Boss fights

    In this game the player will run down the traditional straight path of an endless runner, but will collect weapons. Each weapon will have a value that totals to the amount of firepower the player has. When the player is ready, they can click a UI element that directs them away from the endless runner map towards a boss fight for the end of the level. At the boss fight, the player will use various weapons they collected. The boss will have phases and moves that may require certain weapons in order to damage them, such as a shield that requires you to have collected a rocket launcher in order to break it when it appears (thus rocket launchers will be scarce on the level related).

    IDEA #4: Combo: Granny + Stickman Hook



    (4)Stealth Survival Horror + Grappling Objects

    In this game the player is stuck in an apocalyptic world with horrors of all kinds seeking fresh meat. If the player is caught, is is very likely they will be killed. You must use the only ability you have which is to shoot a grappling hook and grab objects in your environment, as well levels and walls and move them with your grappling hook to make openings or trap horrors. They aren't too smart, and don't realize the room has been moved as long as you don't do it in front of them. Use this ability to unlock special hiding places as well for further defenses.

    IDEA #5-7: Combo: Knock Balls + FireBalls 3D


    (5)Cannon Shooting + Jenga

    In this game, players will tap the screen to fire a cannon, or swipe to adjust the cannons direction. The goal is to shoot through a target area to hit a tower of blocks similar to jenga on the other side. The block they hit will be removed and the player has a goal amount to hit before a timer runs out to proceed to a more difficult level. If the tower collapses over the player loses.

    (6)Tap target to shoot + Scrolling Platforms

    In this game the player does not move, and instead platforms will move across the screen with enemies spawning on them. The player will tap the target they wish to shoot to collect it’s points or power ups, ensuring to not accidentally shoot the wrong targets such as innocent lives. Players could have different guns perhaps like a six shooter and have to reload etc. Buy new guns to reload less often.

    (7)Cannon Shooting + knock backs

    In this game you are able to shoot and adjust your cannon and turn around. Waves of enemies are coming toward you, and shooting them down will prevent your demise. Hitting an enemy successfully can knock you further away from them or have other effects to give you the advantage.

    IDEA #5-7: Go Fish! + Flappy Bird Origins


    (8)Deep Sea Fishing + Flapping

    The player takes on the role of the bait on an experienced fisherman's hook. The hook will sink down to the ocean, and fish will come after the bait. Tap the screen to flap around wildly in the water to scare off predators and move around to avoid them. Dodging the fish will make them leave, forcing the fisherman to recast with more weights on the line making it go down deeper and increasing the difficulty. Good luck little worm guy.

    Great ideas, Lucky! Ryoxis -- we'll talk about these in our meeting!