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    I listen to all kinds of stuff... but as soon as it gets radio play its not cool to me anymore.

    This is a new release from one of my favorite indie bands (well he's not really a band, its just the one guy) but say hi to Say Hi!

    I also listen to this Industrial EBM podcast regularly

    I also (oddly?) have been in a Die Antwoord kick lately - but I'm not supposed to admit that because I'm a 40 year old mom :evil:

    How about getting that feel back of the 80s? Or of Glitch and Banja (both don't ring a bell but still).

    They inspire me in a lot of ways.

    Glitch was the game that the creators of Slack made until Slack got funding (then they shut down the game and made all the assets open source). Banja was an old flash game that played in chapters and was community driven (e.g. community members had to accomplish X goals in the game for it to advance the story). You can still play the old mini games (which were inside the main game) here: Dread Rocks was my favorite.

    I totally don't game. I 'played' Second Life for 10 years but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count.

    The last console game I bought was BioShock Infinite (because I like steampunk themes).

    The last PC game I bought was Conan Exiles (because I collected Conan comics as a kid) but I couldn't really get into it.

    I gamed in the 80s on my 386/486. Sierra games Kings Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Conquests of Camelot.

    Sims games etc. Original Nintendo games.

    Two of my favorite games online in the last 10-15 years were Glitch and Banja - both are defunct now.

    I'm with you there... building on a theme (even ridiculous ones that Ryan chooses :* ) provides the challenge I'm looking for.

    Some of you (who are game jam addicted) may know me from the Discord group as Ryann. I signed up here using my "studio" name instead of my first. I first came into Unity looking to do things with VR.. Nascent means 'new' (although I originally lifted it from a place in Stephen Erikson's Malazan books). I figured it would cover me for AR/VR/XR/MR.

    I obviously I learned quickly there is a whole bunch more to Unity than just plunking assets down. So I signed up for Course #1 in November 2017 and participated in my first Game Jam the following March when I discovered the discord community. I've participated in 4 of the original game jams with this group since then. I think eventually I'll end up back in the VR space so I'm excited to see the upcoming courses. ;)

    I've got about 15 years hobbyist experience with 3D modelling / texturing using Blender/Photoshop and ZBrush I've done a bit of animation in there as well, but with pre-rigged characters. I'm a maker more than I am a gamer. For me its more about making art in motion, which is why the average gamer may find my games may feel like they are missing something ... I'm working on it.

    IRL I have a full time job (a mix of business intelligence, digital strategy, social media) and a 3.5 year old son... so... I only have about 1-2 hours a night (provided I can stay awake) for my hobbies. That's why I usually do game jams solo. Sadly, my time is not mine alone.

    I've met lots of really nice people here so looking forward to continuing with the group at GameDevHQ! <3