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    Hi all, i have just started (Finally....) course 2 - The Ultimate Guide to Cinematography with Unity.

    After importing all the assets and following the video, i have 3 console errors:

    • Assets/The Great Fleece/PostProcessing/Editor/PropertyDrawers/MinDrawer.cs(6,34): error CS0104: `MinAttribute' is an ambiguous reference between `UnityEngine.MinAttribute' and `UnityEngine.PostProcessing.MinAttribute'
    • Assets/The Great Fleece/PostProcessing/Editor/PropertyDrawers/MinDrawer.cs(11,13): error CS0104: `MinAttribute' is an ambiguous reference between `UnityEngine.MinAttribute' and `UnityEngine.PostProcessing.MinAttribute'
    • Assets/The Great Fleece/PostProcessing/Editor/PropertyDrawers/MinDrawer.cs(11,39): error CS0104: `MinAttribute' is an ambiguous reference between `UnityEngine.MinAttribute' and `UnityEngine.PostProcessing.MinAttribute'

    Before i start the next lession about using the collaborate i want fix the problem. Is something related to a version of post processing ?

    I'm using Unity 2018.3.0f2 version.

    Someone have an idea about how to fix it?

    Thank you in advance. ;)

    I have downloaded your game, is fun! keep adding levels!!

    I found a small bug, i have 533 coin ( i see an ads) and i try to buy fireball (500 credits) but the interface tell me that i haven't enough credits. is yet implemented the shop?

    Also, in the moving orizontal platform the dino is not moved if stand still on the platform, and fall down.

    Hello and thank you for playing !!
    The game is in fact a tribute to the old "game & watch" pocket games. he would like to remember the feeling of arcade cabinets.

    I was inspired by Nintendo's "SafeBuster" (find the game here )
    The bonus system, especially the doubling of the score, should give the game a certain strategy and planning but I'm not so certain of being successful.
    I'm working with a friend to the sequel of the game. If you want you can follow the devblog I'm keeping here on GameDevHq.
    For more info, if you like, find my friend and mine instagram profiles here and here.

    Hello and thank you again !!

    Worse now with it getting dark so early outside. I get to work before the sun comes up, and when I leave it is already down. Something in my body just takes the darkness as time to go to sleep.

    Exactly i feel the same... :(


    There is not enough time in the day to work on my project because of my day job.


    This.. is terrible, when you want "do" something and you look at the clock... and it's time to go bed... (really happens to me every day...) :\

    Mine are very like to Ryoxis!!!:


    • Seeing my projects come to life.
    • Seeing others enjoy my projects.
    • Programming and solve problems


    • Leave a project/tutorial/work/lesson incomplete or in the middle... (I usually i have to start again... ;()
    • Time, time, time....Need more time in life. i want do too many things...
    • I am never satisfied with my work and I always think that it can be done better. I know it's my thought but I can not change

    Hello. I just wanted to tell you that I made a small update at the game.

    I tryed to put into practice the suggestions received and i have add some extras that would make the gameplay more interesting.

    • I adjusted a bit 'of code, there is obviously no feedback in the game but I'm glad, however, have fixed and improved the source code.
    • I added a screen shake and a visual representation of the loss of energy and life in the game.
    • If you miss a droplet, a reddish mist rises on screen moving around.
    • At the last life remained, the heart pulsates and makes the state of urgency visible.
    • When a bonus is available, the text flashes and calls attention.
    • I put a particle effect an the collection of droplets (not too obvious to stay in a "retro" and minimalistic style).
    • Fixed icons for the game because some devices shows the default Unity icon instead of mine.
    • At the Game Over I added few small animations. Now losing the game will have a visual impact (it will not seem only paused with the only "game over" text...)

    I will not add anything else for now. I would like to go further and take advantage of what I have learned and experienced with this project.

    I could see how googleplay works and how to update an apk, also is fun look at the statistics.

    It's time to move on to something else, and I have some projects in my mind.

    Thanks for the feedback you'll want to leave me. If you have installed the game try to do the update, for those who have never seen it and want to try it you can find it here:…ukeita.HazardousMaterials

    Thanks again for everything!! At the next game !!


    In my game I have a pause menu that brings up a series of buttons and a panel. I used an empty gameObject that contains all the necessary canvas (background, buttons, etc.)
    Using the code i activate and deactivate this panel based on what you want to do.

    I have a GameController Script that have a reference to this GameObject

    1. [SerializeField]
    2. private GameObject _pauseInterface; // my pause interface panel

    In start method...

    1. void Start () {
    2. ....
    3. _pauseInterface.SetActive(false); // this "hide" the gameobject
    4. }
    5. // example for show the pause menu:
    6. void otherFunction(){
    7. _pauseInterface.SetActive(true);
    8. }

    I hope this is helping you.

    Have a nice day.


    Other small factor I would do to add motivation is add a reward. I will work 3 hours and then I will play this game I just got, or watch this movie/tv show, etc. And who knows sometimes you get on a roll and you will forget about the reward anyways.

    Exactly!!! this work a lot for me. Add a lot of motivation. Really!!! because make me feel better. :)

    Hi Adam.

    I do not know if it can help, but I always try to reserve a minimum amount of time for my projects and development.

    It helps me to give me a kind of reward and set an attainable goal. like: "if I do this then I can get that" (this help me keep motivated)

    Try to keep and secure achievable goals and divide larger projects into steps. It is simpler and helps to be motivated.

    Personally If i see my project grow and "take shape" it is easier to stay focused.

    Good luck!!