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GameDevHQ is a community dedicated to helping aspiring and professional developers alike to reach their goals. Our goal is turning your passion for Unity and game development into a career. At GameDevHQ, you’ll find programs designed to prepare you for a career in programming with Unity. Free membership is our entry-level membership geared towards those just getting started. With your free membership you can begin making your first game with our zombie FPS course, included with the free membership!

Make your first game with our course

Zombie FPS Survival Shooter

Included in your free membership is access to the zombie 1st person survival shooter course, where you’ll learn the foundations of Unity and create a 3D game, complete with animations, sound effects, and particles using GDHQ’s Filebase. This course requires ZERO coding, and is designed to ignite your passion for game development.  Best of all, it will only take 15 minutes to make this amazing game.  Get started now!

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That’s why we’ve invested heavily in the GameDevHQ Success System. We’re not just making content about programming in Unity, we’re helping you learn valuable skills that will jump start your career with Unity. Here’s what you need to know about our system: our courses are designed to help you become a self-taught software engineer. Through the power of interactive learning, you’ll be faced with challenges that allow you to tackle problems on your own through research & development. Programming is a very skill-based industry. The more you practice, the more successful you’ll be. We want to help you achieve your goals, and the GameDevHQ Success System supports your success.

Our Students

Success Stories

This is Rich, the creator of Pretzel Studios and a Unity Software Developer. Rich decided to try his hand at game development in Unity. After picking up, “The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019,” he was able to create a demo level of his first title – “Strife” within six months. We had a chance to ask him some questions about his game development journey and some tips he would give to those starting today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our free membership gives you access to a FPS zombie shooter game that you can build in 15 minutes.  The assets used in this course are FREE and yours to keep and use for personal or commercial projects.  With a Pro membership, get access to training, Filebase, pro member only challenges, online workshops, and so much more to guide you in your game development journey.

At GameDevHQ, we provide our members access to the only authorized Unity C# courses on the market, as well as stunning, game-ready art assets.  As many aspiring developers know, searching YouTube for tutorials can be frustrating and can yield inconsistent information.  Our members have access to hours of courses and challenges that teach best practices, all in one place.  At GameDevHQ, you’ll learn from industry experts, who know what skills are needed to succeed; Jonathan is an authorized Unity educational partner, and has trained several Fortune 500 companies, including Apple and Universal Studios, in Unity.  Al has over 15 years of experience, and has created art for ESPN, MGM, Pepsi, and more!  If you want to learn from the best of the best, you’ve come to the right place.

At GameDevHQ, our goal is to help you become a game developer and publish your games.  This means providing our members with the education and tools they need to succeed.  We provide a recommended course/learning progression to help our members go from beginner to advanced.  We also know how expensive it can be to purchase asset packs.  With GameDevHQ, we provide an affordable solution to help you finish your game, and make it beautiful along the way.  Our revolutionary platform is the first of its kind, and provides members with unmatched advantages and opportunities.  With Filebase, our members never need to buy another asset pack again.  

Filebase is a revolutionary plugin, providing our members access to 1000+ (and growing) game-ready assets, completed environments, audio, extensions, VFX, particles, and more in a convenient user interface, seamlessly integrated into Unity.  Easily discover new assets, while maintaining installed assets with the click of a button.  Say goodbye to wasting money on assets.  Say hello to Filebase. 


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