Epic update is out! alpha 1.5.1!

Some of you may remember my last post of a coming soon update. Well... its here.

Current Bugs:

  • Shaky camera when player stays still.
  • Gun recoil is just... not right.
  • Crosshair is slow and shaky (fixng in about 1 hour from now (v1.5.1))
  • Edit: fixed crosshair problem (I think if not comment and let me know)

New Features:

  • Post processing
  • Motion blur
  • New Player model with spoiler!
  • Double machine guns!
  • Sound FX overhaul!
  • Player mevhanics and gameplay physics overhaul
  • New soundtrack!
  • When downloaded your computer will recognize it as an application.

For bug reports or suggestions leave a comment.