Here’s my offer:

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The Pro Membership
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That’s right. $99. I’m so confident that you’re going to love spending time here at GameDevHQ, that I’m willing to invest the resources to ensure your success. With your Pro Membership, you’ll have streaming access to our entire course library and access to our Game Developer Certification Program.  In addition to the courses, you’ll also have access to Filebase, where you can find 1,000+ game-ready assets and directly import them into your Unity project! Take control of the wheel and drive yourself to becoming a game developer today! 

This offer is only available right now. Gain access to over 100 hours of course content, our certification learning track, and over 1,000 game-ready assets with new ones added every week! You’ll also enjoy access to our exclusive mastermind community!

Oh, and if you sign up right now…

I’m giving you Lifetime access to all GameDevHQ Courses. Both current & future 🙂

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