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That’s right! you’re going to create an epic high quality zombie first person shooter game. Discover the thrill of creating video games!



1,000’s of ready-made game assets hand-built by our team of artists are ready to be used inside of your game.  Use GDHQ’s Filebase Plugin – an integrated asset importer and organizer – inside of Unity.  You can easily add new assets or improve upon existing games with ease.  1 monthly price, 1 easy-to-follow EULA, and lots of game assets updated weekly from environments, systems, props, characters, and more.  Don’t just introduce yourself to the world of game development – build and publish your game today with GDHQ’s Filebase!

over 100 Hours

Of Unity Authorized Training

Every authorized Unity course is now available on GDHQ in our new and improved streaming platform.  Watch hundreds of hours of training content, work through challenges and workshops, and watch yourself become a beast of a software engineer.  Learn how to make 2D games, mobile games, AR experiences, and more with a convenient, on-demand streaming platform.  Take your career to the next level.  Start today.

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It's your community!

We have Game Jams, Summits, Workshops on coding and level design, upload  new assets and videos weekly, add more course content to our tutorials, add new courses and more.  It’s a growing ecosystem of game dev organisms all surviving together in a clear plastic petri dish.  Game dev sucks alone.  Join up and become an active member of GDHQ today!

Our Students


This is Rich, the creator of Pretzel Studios and a Unity Software Developer. Rich decided to try his hand at game development in Unity. After picking up “The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019”, he was able to create a demo level of his first title – “Strife” within six months. We had a chance to ask him some questions about his game development career and some tips he would give to those starting out today.


Sign up to GameDevHQ with a click of a button
and get started with creating your first video game!

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