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That’s right! you’re going to create an epic high quality zombie first person shooter game. Discover the thrill of creating video games!



Ready to stop paying hundreds of dollars for asset packs only to be left with assets that don’t mix well?

Filebase is a plugin that imports directly into Unity and allows you to import more than 1,000 game-ready assets that were hand crafted by our team of artist. 

Included with Filebase is access to hundreds of code challenges that will help you become a great programmer. 

Download Filebase for Free and see why over 50,000 students choose GameDevHQ to level up!

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Of Unity Authorized Training

Stream the only authorized Unity courses in the world and earn your first game developer certification.  

Save your hard earned education dollars and invest in a learning track that’s affordable and teaches you what you need to know.

Game Developer & Software Developer Certifications available.

It's more than a site.

It's your community!

GameDevHQ is a living breathing organism that provides weekly live events focused on level design, coding, and more to help you level up! 

Our Mastermind Community provides priority support throughout your learning track and exclusive workshops you won’t find anywhere else.

Our developer community is thriving with dedicated people like you who are looking to form collaborations and partnerships. 

Make a friend and build your next game today!

Our Students


This is Rich, the creator of Pretzel Studios and a Unity Software Developer. Rich decided to try his hand at game development in Unity. After picking up “The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019”, he was able to create a demo level of his first title – “Strife” within six months. We had a chance to ask him some questions about his game development career and some tips he would give to those starting out today.


Sign up to GameDevHQ with a click of a button
and get started with creating your first video game!

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