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Discord Store Changes - 90% to Devs!

Dec 17th 2018
Hey guys, In today's video we shift our focus back onto Discord for the changes of the new Discord store, days after the release of another competitor from Unreal - The Epic Games Store.

Interstellar Prime - Live AMA + Gameplay

Dec 16th 2018
In this weeks Live stream we play Interstellar Prime, created by Dreamcatcher Studio. The Lead Developer whom we met at Dreamhack this year, Paesol - will be joining us for the hour stream taking any questions regarding his development process and plans for the game.

Applying Stains with C4D

Dec 14th 2018
In this video another C4D quick tip, on building awesome game assets. In this instance we have a stain that's a PNG and we are bringing it over to an old table in C4D with body paint.

LIVE: Student Research Day 2

Dec 13th 2018
Hey everyone, the vote for the Live Development experiment has ended and the winner is clear, to be an endless runner which include boss fights. A brief description is provided on how getting to the boss works, but I went ahead and started sketching things out a little more.

Destructible Objects In Unity

Dec 12th 2018
Hey guys! In this weeks tutorial from our very own Jonathan Weinberger is how to make destructible objects in Unity. ​Learn how this crate is setup and built ready to explode.

LIVE! - GameDevHQ Plays Nimbatus

Dec 11th 2018
​Hey everyone! Tonight to keep up with our current stream schedule we will be taking a look at the game Nimbatus. Nimbatus is a released indie title currently on steam, where you build up your own drone to mine the planet and defend against swarms of baddies (who are probably just trying to stop you from destroying things now that I think about it, haha.) in this awesome indie title by Stray Fawn Studios.