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How my students get careers in the games industry and beyond, at some of the largest fortune 500 companies on the planet.

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Jonathan Weinberger

Jonathan is a self-taught software engineer and game developer proving time and time again that your passion and drive is all it takes to find success in this industry. 

Over 100,000 students have learned to code by making video games through GameDevHQ. 

In this online program – Jonathan is going to teach you exactly how to write code from scratch, how to think like a game developer, and how to get a job in the games industry.

Trusted by brands.

“Jonathan is passionate about training developers to think critically and problem solve, thereby ensuring they are effective in their job responsibilities. I have since recommended Jonathan’s Unity training to colleagues at Apple” – Jeffery Bernstein Design Director at Apple

A Learning Track FOR SUCCESS
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Full Immersion. A supportive community. Focus on results.

1. Action Learning Plan

Together we'll make sure you know exactly how to get started. You'll have an initial onboarding call with your enrollment coach to go over your goals, setup your accounts, and prepare you for your first day!

3. Weekly Q&A

Every week you'll have access to your coaches. Coaches who are exactly where you want to be! Ask questions and participate in discussions related to staying motivated, writing good medium articles, what makes a great portfolio, applying to jobs, and staying focused.

5. Interview Prep

When you're ready to begin applying to jobs, you'll have full access to your coach to help you ace the interview! That includes preparation for your screening calls and assistance with any code challenges employers throw at you!

7. Private Job Board

Every week we create a detailed report of this week's latest Unity jobs from around the world! You'll have access to our private job board that allows you to immediately network and connect with potential employers.

9. Game Assets

Filebase provides you with access to over 6,000+ game-ready assets valued at over $80,000! Use these assets to build career-ready portfolio projects.

2. Weekly Accountability

You will also get a weekly accountability email from us. Every single week, we want to hear from you. We want to know your biggest win for the week, any challenges you faced, and if anything has come up preventing you from reaching your goals.

4. Unlimited Support

On top of your weekly Q&A sessions AND your accountability emails, if there is anything you're having issues with, you can post them in our invite-only community. The community is moderated 24/7 with our coaches to ensure your questions get answered.

6. Career Prep Course

You'll have access to our career prep course that will help you to build your resume, build your cover letters, and teach you how to network and apply to jobs!

8. Career Ready Portfolio

We will provide you with a career-ready portfolio that will optimally display your passion and skills on display. We'll make it easy for employers to see that you're the clear choice in a hiring decision. We will also host it for free. Forever!

10. 30 Day Follow-Up

30 days after we deliver your Action Learning Plan, we will get on a call, review your progress, and ensure you're doing everything exactly right! We'll identify where you can improve and prepare you for further success!

Student Success

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our students have to say.

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Dylan James
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Scott Jewett
Scott Jewett
GameDevHQ is THE place to learn how to build games in Unity. I tried Lynda, Udemy and even looked at week long in-person classes. Then I listened to one of Jonathan’s intro courses and was hooked.I’m a software engineer by training and have taken many courses where all you had to do was “follow a recipe” to complete the lessons. The problem with that is you just learn how to … well … follow a recipe. Jonathan introduces a concept and then gives you a challenge where you apply and test your knowledge. This is the most effective way – IMHO – to learn any programming language. The courses on GameDevHQ are excellent. You learn 2D and 3D game programming and the C# Survival Guide is priceless, especially if you have programming experience. Programming with a gaming engine requires thinking a little differently from traditional programming and Jonathan introduces those concepts in a clear, logical way.And of course there’s the Community and Filebase – which are great assets. But I think my other favorite is the weekly/biweekly programming jam sessions where Jonathan does to dive deep on a concept. There’s a rich library of these sessions in the Vault. If you want to be a game programmer this is the most effective and inexpensive way to learn what you need.read more
Mickael Plouffe
Mickael Plouffe
Since before the beginning I felt like my System admin job was not for me. I stumble on GameDevHQ at the start of this year and I got hooked up quickly. I already tried some course on Udemy, some are really greate, but one thing on GDHQ that got me is that there is a certification path and there is a HUMAN verification at the end of some sections. So I can fail it and learn.I also did the Intensive Mentorship with Jon and I learn a lot. I do not have finish projects or game like my guy: Kshesho, Who is publishing on STEAM!?!??! The bigest point is the communauty, mainly because of m… many good people!Mickael.😙read more
Quinton Nam
Quinton Nam
GameDevHQ is amazing! It taught me to think like a software engineer and is the reason that I was able to publish my first game on Google Play! Each of the courses are truly special, Jon breaks down code through explanations which truly flesh out the nitty gritty of the code to help you understand, and through small coding challenges which are bit size enough for you to follow and big enough to give you a confidence boost to say, yes I can do that! There’s so much to learn and so much to I want to get to, I just wish I could consume their courses faster!^^GameDevHQ also has filebase, which is like a netflix for game assets! Any asset that I needed while building my first game was there for me to download and use! The filebase plug in to Unity works butter smooth and lets me click and download in a breeze! Each asset is well organized when importing and is as easy as drag and drop into the scene! Textures sometimes need an upgrade depending on the pipeline you are working with, but there’s and easy fix for those and if there is an asset missing for what you need you can send requests to have the asset made!On the whole really impressed with GameDevHQ as a whole, with great courses, incredible assets an instructor who cares about your development and a great community who is passionate about game dev, I know its cliche, but could you ask for more?I give it a 5 star rating!✨✨✨✨✨read more
Robert Kuropkat
Robert Kuropkat
I recently started my GameDevHQ subscription and when I did, I opted for the additional 1 on 1. I’m glad I did. The first thing I noticed when Jonathan shared his screen with me was he already had my websites up on his desktop. While it is obvious there are certain messages he wants to get across to his new members, he also tailored that message to what he learned or deduced about me from my websites and our conversation. It is hard not to get excited about game development after talking to Jonathan. Oh, and he is right, do not skip the C# Sharp Survival Guide videos, even if you are an experienced developer. They are filled with all sorts of gems even Jonathan might not have realized he was putting in…read more
Adam Melrose-Thibeault
Adam Melrose-Thibeault
been here for a bit now. Great course and assets to go through. learning lots and having fun while doing so. thanks toJon, Al, and everyone else for awesome experiences so far.read more
Samir Hasaballa Georgy
Samir Hasaballa Georgy
GDHQ is a great place to learn game development. Jon and Al inspire us to go beyond and create great games! Their approach is simple: No spoon feeding. They won’t show the steps to solve a problem but rather they will teach you how to tackle it and solve it and it is up to you to code it! GDHQ also has a great community where we support each other in our work! I totally recommend joining it, it is worth it!read more
Deep Shyamal
Deep Shyamal
I would recommend to grab every course in gamedevhq instead of wasting money in girlfriends, games etc..
Sunny Nijhawan
Sunny Nijhawan
Its the best Community for New and upcoming Unity Game Developers
Jeffrey Engelstad
Jeffrey Engelstad
Course work is easy to fallow. a good explanation of why we are doing thing the way we are is given. And a train of thought is instilled that no one way is correct.read more
Mike Shade
Mike Shade
As a guy who graduated from one of those “game schools”, I have learned more about development with GameDevHq in a couple of months than I did in school. The community is amazing and with the knowledge and tools Jon and Al have provided I believe I’ll soon be on track to make some amazing games!read more
Richard Alejandro Nuñez Vela
Richard Alejandro Nuñez Vela
Awesome courses, easy to understand for someone who is a begginer english learner like me, if you want to learn I really recommend to start learning with GameDevHQ. Greetings from Bolivia 😁read more
Elhanan Flesch
Elhanan Flesch
Great courses! The course materials are organised very well and the lectures are easy to understand.
Afamuefuna S Abugu
Afamuefuna S Abugu
gamedevHq is the best place for anyone interested in game development
Rich Jenkins
Rich Jenkins
I Highly recommend GameDevHQ to anyone wanting to learn Unity or become a Game developer. Very supportive and active instructors. Friendly community. Regular GamJams and Summits.The courses available are very thorough. Jon taught everything I needed to know to become a game developer and within 6 months I was making AAA quality games.read more
Nicolae Adrian
Nicolae Adrian
Great community and very helpful.
Rona Hattingh
Rona Hattingh
Great courses and helpful community,
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Inside The Course
Breaking it down to make it easy

1. Career Prep

We’ll help you build your developer resume, write your cover letters, and teach you the skills you need to ace the interview process. Discover how to be seen by employers and have them come to you. A new career with Unity starts here.

2. Git Crash Course

Every great software engineer & game developer understands the importance of version controlling their projects. Learn how to use GIT and begin to feel like a software engineer.

3. 2D Game Development

Build your first 2D video game. Discover the foundations of Unity and build a fully featured space shooter, packed with features like power ups, homing missiles, and intense boss battles. 

4. Timeline & Cinemachine

Learn to build cinematic cutscenes like the professionals. You’ll learn the tools found within some of holly woods biggest movies: From Ready Player One to Jungle Book, Blade Runner, and the new Lion King Movie. All #madewithunity

5. 2.5D Game Development

Explore the mix between 2D & 3D Game Development by building a platformer and developing unique puzzles and objectives for the player to solve. Features include wall jumping, pressure pads, and elevator systems.  

6. Mobile Games

Develop & publish your first mobile game. Create an exciting dungeon escape game that’s filled with monsters, loot, and rewarded video ads so you can earn real coin.  

7. 3D Game Development

Develop your 3D Game Development Skills. Build a zombie FPS with full IK weapon support, Intelligent AI, and complex animations.

8. Enterprise Apps

Demonstrate game development as a gateway to software engineering by building 3 complex mobile applications built for enterprise. Work with API integrations, AWS, and unity analytics. 

9. Certification

Earn your Game Developer Certification by building a video game to spec through a provided game design document. There’s no tutorial or challenge review that will help you here. Your skillset as a software engineer & game developer is all you can rely on.

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