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Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 - P1 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 20th 2018
​​Hey everyone! Now that I've had some time to rest, I'm hard at work filtering through footage and getting you guys the details. This is just a brief reminder that we haven't forgotten about you and all the information is quickly around the corner.

Did Let's Plays add fuel to the closing of Telltale Games?

Nov 14th 2018
We apologize for the delays in our usual video. We try to have our community pages hit at midnight, and our news crawl in at noon the following day. With Dreamhack on the way (Yours truly flies out to Atlanta tomorrow - wish us luck!) it's created a few behind the scenes delays.

This topic is an interesting one however. When making your own games, people will of course stream your games. If your title is based fully on story telling and someone sees the whole game themselves, how does this effect you as a developer for the future?

GameDevHQ Goes to DreamHack Atlanta!

Nov 13th 2018
We interrupt our usual Community post today with an exciting announcement! GameDevHQ will be attending Dreamhack, Atlanta!
Dreamhack is as they say, “Everything gaming under one roof.” From Gaming Tournaments, to live concerts, and massive LAN parties - The largest even. ​

3 Misunderstood Basics for New Developers

Nov 12th 2018
Hey guys! We're excited for this one, as we get a lot about these three questions. We're hoping if they get asked, you can just drop them this video and clear it up. Rather than bother you guys with tons of information, I've dropped the video below. Below the video is the transcript if you prefer to read!

GDHQ+ and GHDQ Pro - LIVE!

Nov 10th 2018
Hey everyone! I know I said no more content until Monday, but we have a surprise announcement! Everyone has been asking about GDHQ+ and Pro memberships, and they are finally live and ready to go! Let's take a look at all the available membership perks. Be sure to review the very last perk for an extra something special.

Cinema 4D - Color Remapping

Nov 9th 2018
Hey everyone! We're excited to put out our first entry to our "Quick Tip" series. Quick tips are small 4-5 minute videos with a direct goal to teach you something new about various game development software.