What is Filebase?

Sign up for GDHQ Professional and simply pick the assets you want and download them directly to your computer. A lot of the assets in the Filebase come completely game ready with full animations, and sounds effects. Click on the category browser tab to the right or type in a search parameter to see if the asset is available. If you are a Pro member, just click “download” on the top right of the asset page.

Download them, drop them in to your project, and the scripts available are ready to go. The only restriction is to not redistribute or resell the assets. More and more will become available to the current assets as time goes by, and we're happy to take requests and Pro members will get every single new addition! To request assets, click here. To look into becoming a Pro member and receive not only full access to Filebase but also unlimited access to current and new courses and a copy of The Unity C# Survival Guide, click here!