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Every day, every week, students within the Professional Unity Developer Program are celebrating success!

Adam Reed

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“I was communicating with recruiters within a few days of joining the program.”


I can’t think of of a better investment – I mean the money that I put into this program has been added on exponentially with the money that I make now. I’ve worked in multiple senior level positions since I started this program.

This program has beyond more than paid for itself.  

I have already recommended it to just about every friend of mine that is interested in this type of work. Because not only is it educational and can teach you from the ground up even (if not focusing on getting your job out of it right away and setting your career off) … just learning from the classes, getting into this community…  it’ll provide such a strong foothold for anybody.



“Thanks to GameDevHQ,
my life and career are different now”

I’m able to go into a project confidently and complete it from start to finish.

There are various topics in the program that I didn’t learn from my previous studies that I can apply to day to day projects outside of work. Having gone through the GameDevHQ courses has helped me further progress the confidence boost for when I go into a new project.
I applied to the program, in June then I got into my job in August.

Zac Bogner

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Liberty Depriest

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“I was able to expand my network and get a position at Space Rat.


The support from the GameDevHQ team itself is really cool. The fact that there are coaches and a whole Discord available when I have a problem is a game changer.

I can just ask someone real quick instead of having to go through a whole process of searching for an answer. Sometimes something catastrophic happens, I have really good coaches to help me through the problem.

When I was self- studying, I was my own teacher and I was limited by my existing knowledge. I did not really know what I was doing wrong.



Thomas Kesler                     Ben Mercier               Joseph Bonney

 “I was a bartender the last five years, and now I am a software engineer at ForeVR Games

This program really works well for someone that’s been trying to break into game dev for a while now and just keeps getting stuck in a rut.

My biggest win with GameDevHQ would probably be landing a job a couple months after completing the program. I think it really elevated my problem solving and my programming expertise.

If you’re looking for a program that’s structured, with a mentors that are going to hold you accountable and make sure you get to the end of this thing, then you’ll find that’s a huge benefit in this program.

Austin Mackrell

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Lucia Galindo Martinez

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“The training is fantastic, but also the community, the coaches and the motivation … 
I was not alone anymore


Basically what this program gives you is the focus and the path. This is very important, especially if you come from absolute zero, like me.

You learn to learn.


Because of GameDevHQ I'm now working as a Game Developer at Activision working on Call of Duty Mobile!

In just 2 months GameDevHQ's game development career program helped fine-tune my job search, fill in a development gap I wasn't even aware of, and allowed me to demo my value to the job market. After those 2 months, I had not only recruiters but HR at companies directly chasing me with good offers at companies I was excited to work with.

I have accepted an offer from SAIC to begin working as a scene generation engineer. I want to thank Jonathan Weinberger and GameDevHQ for helping me along the way to this lifelong dream of my career! I can't wait to start this exciting journey!

Just signed the final offer with i3M for the first 2 months of intensive training, then transition to full time employee and a new contract! Thank you to everyone at GDHQ again! And a special thanks for all the help to

Paul Marsh

To learn game development, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t go with GameDevHQ.

They have this really great mindset of encouraging you to learn on your own, to go and find out how to learn, not just what to learn. And I think that’s a great thing for, especially for newcomers to programming.

What they did for me personally, was help me push my content onto social media. I was able to reference those posts when I was talking to recruiters.



GameDevHQ has helped me advance my career primarily through their networking component”

I started in the 2D Game Development course. And by the time I was about halfway through that course, which was, two or three months into the course,  I was already getting, massive amount of interview requests through LinkedIn. 

GameDevHQ was so much better than just finding random YouTube videos, finding course after course on you Udemy – they have a very structured plan that you gain the skills in the right order so that you really become a software developer by the time you’re done with their program.

GameDevHQ’s program was worth every cent I spent – it’s been game changing for my career.

Christopher West


Quinton Nam                        Brian Perry                     Fernand Alcantara


The confidence that I got from the GameDevHQ program has allowed me to become a working professional.”

First of all, I gained the confidence that I needed to, to move on.
Second. It helped me reach to new heights with my skills and reach new recruiters. I got a new job – the job of of my dreams.
Everyone that started their journey on YouTube – just move on –  don’t look anymore on YouTube. Just move on to the professional program that Jonathan has created at GameDevHQ.
If  you want to reach somewhere in the gaming industry, just go to GameDevHQ.

Mohamed Hijazi

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Richard Garber

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“Before I came to GameDevHQ, I must have put it out like 50 resumes, never a response. Now every week I hear from three or four interviews recruiters

The initial course where you learn how to increase your social media presence is absolutely phenomenal. In fact, it took me about a month to catch up to everybody else because I was having to rewrite my resumes, create these linked sites, learn other things –  tools of the trade that pertain to what they teach in the school.
The bootcamp approach to learning  is awesome. You can do it from your own home. You can do it online. You can do it in your own time.
Aside from the direct course curriculum itself, you get a lot of support from GameDevHQ. You are not left alone. You can go to them and ask. And I’ve learned as much from talking to say like Thom Kesler (Lead Technical Coach), as I have learned from the course itself.


“I started the program at GameDevHQ in May and in August I joined Game Studio.”

With GameDevHQ I learned how to get connections in the industry and how to showcase myself to other people … like how to improve my portfolio and how to make my projects interesting for other people.

Daniel Ercilio Del Rosario Guerra

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Chandler Lane                    Justen Chong                   Jordan Evans

I’ve learned more in the past month and a half than I did the entire three years I was in college

Their coursework is great in the aspect that it will teach you Unity. It’ll teach you game development in general.
But where they really hit home a lot is for a portfolio. I’ll continuously be adding all the  projects that I finish throughout the course. That way if something goes wrong with this job, now, then I have something else to fall back on.
We had a meeting for my portfolio and then by that next week, I had recruiters already reaching out to me.
They know what they’re talking about, and they helped me get past that initial fear of am I really good enough?

Brantlee Mercer

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Esther Felicies

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“I was able to acquire my first client!”


I was scared every time I wanted to try something new, because I always thought I need to forget everything that I already learned about programming. 

But something that Jonathan always tells you to do is to share your progress. I started doing YouTube videos. So everything I learned or when I found something interesting… doing that allowed me to share my content on social media. And that is how I was able to get my first client with a small studio in Texas as a freelancer.


They offer a community that help you with all your problems, not only the coaches, also the other members


I was really insecure before the program.

And now I have a job in the game industry and it totally works with the content, the community and the people. You still have the connection with them. 

I recommend for any person who wants to start in the gaming industry. Even if you have experience, they’re going to show you the path to get a job or the path to start in the industry. Even once you find a job, you’re gonna learn a lot.


Rusben Guzman

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 Ethan Bristowe                  Alex Somerville                 Gerald Clark     


“Before I started coding I was a line cook at Outback steakhouse. Now I’m a software engineer at Kid Strong

GameDevHQ helped me build a foundation  in my coding aspect of things. It really solidified my skills in Unity and actually helped me understand how Unity worked.
I changed into a software engineer, so that alone is a big, big difference.
And then so they helped me get my first job. Everything that I was taught at GameDevHQ has given me more opportunities.

Brennan Witzens

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“When you sign up for GameDevHQ you get a gambit of valuable information. 


For one, you get taught how to do LinkedIn, how to talk to people in the industry, and how to get a job. Now I am on my way to building a career.

Before my experience with GamedevHQ I was a field engineer on medical equipment. 
I am currently in a position with 52 Unlimited doing stimulations.
GameDevHQ is an awesome way to go because you see the results almost immediately. The people you will meet through GameDevHQ are more like a family. 

Peter Arnold

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 Joshua Villarreal                        Alwin Kuruvilla                           Christopher Graf    

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